Extravagant God,

God of miracles and space-spinning stars,

God of autumn leaves and leaping lizards,

God of the beauty of the Earth

And all things great and small,

Turn your spirit loose in our midst.

The world cries out around us

to heal the earth

to honor the disinherited

to hold the hurting

to hear the heartbeat of life itself.

How we long to hold all the Earth

in the palms of our hands

and heal its hurts.

How we long to restore it to its original goodness,

where animals, plants and children

grew without endangerment of extinction.

How we log for the peace that is deeper than simply “not war,”

the peace of Shalom, Harmony, Justice, and Partnership.

For this longing lies deep within our cells,

is part of our very essence.

Yet we know our limitations and remember your goodness.

So, open us to the mysterious moving of your spirit.

Open us to your abundance.

Open us to your creativity,

to your fecundity

to your exuberance

to your embrace of all creation.

Open us to trust you at an ever-deeper level

so that we might truly live with praise and pizazz

the life you have given us,

this very life in this very moment,

and so that we might honor and revere all your creation.



image taken by Richard Corson in New Hampshire

3 thoughts on “PIZAZZ”

  1. I read this on a beautiful, bright early autumn day, with a sky so blue you swim in it, blown clean by the afternoon breeze from the sea. The kind of day when one indeed can so easily open with praise and pizzazz!

  2. Vibrant imagery, beautiful phrasing, with deep spirit ~ Again, thank you for sharing this prayer, your gift of expression, with the world.

    May I use your prayer on the prayer list?

    Love to you, Bobbie ~

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