Stepping Out of the Shadows: Naming and Claiming the Medial Woman Today

the new book from Roberta B. Corson

Medial women are highly intuitive and perceive what most do not. They gain insight from the unconscious through the irrational such as visions, voices, dreams, images, and bodily perceptions. The medial tends to live between worlds: between the unconscious and the conscious; between the past, the present, and the future; between the spiritual and material realms; and between life and death. Her knowing is universal rather than personal, and her task is to translate the messages she hears and knows to the larger community.

Yet the medial archetype is neither understood nor honored in mainstream culture, and many women today unknowingly have made choices that have not served their medial nature. In this groundbreaking and engaging work, Roberta Bassett Corson invites medial women out of the shadows and into a deeper understanding and appreciation of their essence, and inspires medial women who may have been bruised by a cultural wariness of the irrational and mysterious to name and claim their giftedness.


Praise For

Stepping Out of the Shadows

"If you live in the liminal, meander the mysteries, are at home in the dark of the moon and in the wilds of your dreams, if you hear the Spirit of the Depths howling for lack of the Wisdom Traditions, you may be a medial. Your entrée to the uncanny, your sixth sense, are sorely needed in our fraught, transitional times. Yet sadly, medial women are often feared in our culture, scapegoated, ridiculed.

If this is your story, Stepping Out of the Shadows will be a gift to your soul and your spirit, an illumination of your sense of self, and a blessing on your life path. Roberta Corson has made a major contribution to Jungian psychology. Those of us who have lived in the shadows of mediality are grateful."

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Jungian Analyst

Author of The Motherline, and The Rabbi, the Goddess and Jung

"Roberta Corson has given us an offering of love. Honoring her teacher and mentor, Toni Wolf, she invites us on a journey to meet the medial woman; welcome her into our classrooms and therapy sessions; discover her in those we love; and even in our own selves. In this playful yet serious work, she tells stories, her own and those of others, that touch the untapped knowing that many women sense but have no language to express. She elegantly weaves theory, interviews, insights, and wisdom in a multilayered tapestry. This is groundbreaking work, offering a much-needed perspective for a world hungry for meaning and hope."

Reverend, Dr. Sharon G. Thornton, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita, Andover Newton Theological School

"Stepping Out of the Shadows is an inspiring journey into the realm of the medial woman. Roberta Corson shares her own story with honesty and vulnerability, allowing readers to connect to their own vulnerable truths. As I read it, I felt a new way of knowing open before me with a sense of richness, acceptance, and renewal. Dr. Corson brings forth the strength of the female medial experience from the shadows of judgment, ignorance, and misunderstanding. I can’t wait to share this book with my medial clients and friends."

Jane Cohn, LMFT Depth Therapist

"Roberta Corson’s book feels like water in the desert for any medial soul who’s lived a lonely life explaining and hiding their gifts away, rather than nourishing these gifts with the knowledge that they serve and support the world. It’s a delight to read and re-read this book—the images, stories, and connections sparked recognition and resonance within my own mediality. Even before publication, I find myself adding names to a growing list of friends, colleagues, and clients who will receive this book as an invitation to explore an unnamed and perhaps unknown aspect of their selves."

Nesita Kwan, LMFT and Depth Psychotherapist