Strong and Flexible

Strong and Flexible God


Strong and Flexible God,

You stand like a tree rooted deeply in the Earth

reaching high toward the sky

Down and Up

Out and In

You are everywhere.

Strong and Flexible God

You nurture Your creatures in Your arms

protecting them from wind and weather

You release them to the world

when they are ready

Holding and letting go

You created the rhythm of life.

Strong and Flexible God

You offer the beauty of blossoms

the abundance of fruit

the glory of color

the stark elegance of rest

All in its season

You are the creator of time and seasons.

Help us accept these not only with grace but with gratitude.

Strong and Flexible God

You cast your shade upon the weary

with your abundant leaves.

You call out to the young adventurer

with your high reaching branches.

You nourish and challenge,

offer and send forth.

Like to a living tree:

rooted deep

reaching high

fixed and firm

yet resilient and flexible

We come home to you

for rest and renewal

for comfort and nurture

to be sent forth into the world

to take the life you have given us.

Open us to your miracles and mystery.