A New Year

A New Year

In these first days of this new year

May we open our eyes

so that we know where to set our sights.

May we have courage

to see that which is eternal in the smallest of things

to envision the world

to trust in the balance or imbalance of life around us

to embrace the improbable

to trust the resources which we have been given

to tackle the impossible

to believe in possibility.

May we have the keenness

to see the divine in the lowly and the unimportant

to catch a reflection of that which is holy in the eyes of each one we meet

to feel joy whenever love is released

to sense deep pain in the one who hurts

May we have insight to understand ourselves as able

to see

to feel

and to judge

how to use our lives.

May we develop confidence in our abilities

no matter how great or small,

that they might be used in unique and unrepeatable ways

to bring the essence of

Eternal Oneness and Wholeness

more fully into existence.




(with thanks to jennie-razumnaya of Unsplash for the photograph)