Eternal, everlasting, God beyond gods

we come with visions and longings today.

Our longings are sometimes stronger than our vision.

            Our longing is the product of eternity

Our vision is the product of our rational age.

We envision

what we have experienced

what makes sense

what holds water

what fits together

and this is good.

Based on what we know today, we are grateful that we can envision tomorrow.

We are grateful to envision

the sun coming up

the fog coming in

the newly planted and newly born babies growing,

graduations and jobs

and dinner tonight.

We can envision

our economy turning around

peace in war-torn lands

a healthy planet.

Because these have been and are possible again.

But some of our longings are hard to envision.

Sometimes our longings seem




and foolish,

and yet we continue to long.

Our souls long for miracles

It is as we allow ourselves to experience these longings

that we open ourselves to you.

We admit we are frightened of miracles, frightened and yet still longing.

We admit that we would like to be in charge,

to have both predictability and then miracles of our own choosing.

We admit

that sometimes our faith doesn’t accompany our longings,

that we are impatient,

that we want to control it all.

We admit all this.

But for now, in this moment we shroud our deepest longing,


protected from judgment,

protected from rationality,

protected from fear.

We sit with our longings,



O God, receive the longings of our hearts;

connect us to your eternity;

hold us in your love.

3 thoughts on “Longings”

  1. Claudia Slayman

    I remember now how well you know my heart, soul, life ~ Thank you dear Bobbie for the blessing of your prayer 🌿

  2. Sandy Clemons

    In the midst of those who say, “We can’t allow the refugees in. What will it do to our nation/life?”, I am allowing myself longings. And I am beginning to see/feel how I might fit in.” Thank you, Bobbie, for sharing of your heart.

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