God of Many Disguises


Where charity and love are, there are you, O God.

You disguise yourself as those who love and are compassionate.

You come in the form of those who bear hope and respond in joy.

You are the hand of friendship and encouragement.

You have many disguises, for you are present to us throughout all our encounters.

might we see you today and every day as we move through our lives.

Though you hide in the bitter anguish of the prison cell,

might we go there and know you.

Though you lie ravished with fever, withering with disease and contagious,

might we go to you and care for our wounds.

Though you have escaped from a war-torn land, crossed the border in a car-trunk, are a stranger, tired, hungry and confused,

might we meet you, protect you, and offer you a safe home.

Though you rush to your apartment and lock the door in loneliness and fear,

might we find the time to come and knock and wait.

Though you seek kindness but would never ask,

might we put out our hands and touch you.

Though you are mocked, insulted, enemy, outcast,

might we carry your cross and in so doing, know you.

In the irrationality of your aging,

might we be tender.

In your irritable restlessness,

might we listen;

might we know you through the drool and smell;

might we know you in the grime and sweat.

In your joy and laughter,

might we be at your side and share.

O God of many disguises,

you are there in each one we meet.

Might we give;

Might we risk;

Might we move;

Might we love more fully.

Increase our faith and bless our efforts now and always.


(Inspired by Mother Theresa of Calcutta)


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