Bring Us Alive


In all our loving and all our doing, fill us again with your life, O Holy One.

Bring us alive.

Bring us alive to all the selves stirring inside, waiting to be born.

Awaken us to our internal artist and to our patient self, hidden away.

Awaken us to our playful self and our self of service.

Awaken us to our optimistic side and to our sensitive self,

to the self that says, “Slow down, I’m tired,”

and to the one that says, “Get going; time is short.”

Awaken us to your deep presence, seeking to be shaped within us.

Bring us alive to your word that comes through other people:

Those we love

Those we dislike

Those we don’t even know

The books we read

The art we encounter

The conflicts we experience

We watch for your image in unexpected places.

Bring us alive to the suffering of others and to the brokenness of life:

To those who are ill and in need of strength


To those who are victims of street crime

To those who work,

May our lives be better together.

Bring us alive to the events of history in which you seek to reveal yourself,

and to the life-changing issues all around us:

global warming

war and weapons

corruption and power

fear and its reactions

Create in us a caring spirit that is bold enough to affect the course of history.

Bring us alive to all of creation, groaning for perfection.

In our aliveness is your Glory, O God.

So may it be.


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