Quiet, World,

Quiet, Mind

Quiet, All …

For first we must listen

First, we must wait.

Come into our consciousness

With your word to us, O Holy One


Our lives are like rivers –

            Some are freely flowing and smooth

            Some are troubled and murky.

At times our thoughts and words,

            our needs and cares come rushing forth.


We seek answers, direction and courage for our living.

But sometimes these concerns return as backwash upon us.

                        And you seem absent.


Help us, Loving One,

            to find the still pools of quiet

                        amidst the rushing torrents of our lives.

                                    For when we are quiet, we hear you.

                                    For when we are still, we see the depths.

                                    For when we stop, we know our direction.

We thank you

            for the peaceful rivers of our lives

                        where calm bays reflect the beauty of life around

                        where cool waters refresh tired souls

We thank you

for our singing rivers

            that shimmer in the light

            that babble over stones

            that splash down waterfalls

                        and ever bring freshness to dull routine.

We thank you

for the mighty rivers of our lives

          where there is strength

          where we glide as boats toward the sea

                      and new worlds open.

We pray, O God, for those who are caught in the troubled waters of their lives


            trapped in whirlpools of frustration




            winding, but not knowing where.

Fill our life-rivers with your living waters.

            May our lives become life-giving because you fill us.

                        May we overflow and enable life to come to the parched land around us.