Signatures of God


Eternal God,

Creator of all that is

Lover of all creation from the beginning:

Open us

to your powerful, loving, guiding presence.

You sign your name in the pattern of a shell

and in the arm of the starfish

You sign your name in the striations of the mountain

and in the rhythm of the tides.

You sign your name in the mystery of the atom

and in the depths of space.

You sign your name in the grace of the dancer

and in the wisdom of the teacher,

in the smile of the baby,

and in the peacefulness of the saint.

You sign your name in the changing of the seasons,

in the births and deaths of people,

and in the comings and goings of people.


You sign your name in the unique, beautiful and loving ways of your people.

And we look,

and know,

and are filled with wonder.

For indeed, your name is Wonder-full!


Help us as well see your hidden handwriting:

for you are also in loss, loneliness and illness;

in fear and threat;

in oppression and depression,

signing your name with love.

You are in Ukraine, in Iran, and at the US Border

signing your name with hope.


May we have the patience to keep watching for your signature

and the vision to recognize your name where we least expect it,

when it shows itself on a cross, even when it shows itself in an empty tomb.


For you are the God who creates,

the God who saves,

the God who is with us always.

We need you, our God, and we praise your name and delight

in the wonderful,

surprising ways

you reveal yourself.

So May It Be


Thanks to graham-holtshausen for the image of God’s signature in a shell